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Kim Chee Tako (Octopus) Poke

Posted by on 2/8/2016 to Recipies
 1 lb. tako (octopus), 
 cleaned or ready to eat 1 Japanese seedless cucumber, thinly sliced 
2 tablespoons salt as needed 
1 tablespoon inamona 
1 cup ogo (seaweed), ready to eat 
1 small Maui onion, thinly sliced 
4-5 stalks green onion, chopped 
  ¼ cup Aloha shoyu 
  ¼ cup white vinegar 
  2 tablespoons kim chee paste 
  2 tablespoons ko choo jang sauce 
  2 teaspoons salt 
  2 teaspoons kochukaru (Korean red pepper) 

Directions: * If preparing fresh octopus; clean well; cutting out eyes and beak. Remove ink sac and intestines. Rinse octopus well. In a large saucepot over medium heat; bring water (enough to completely cover octopus) to a boil. Place octopus into boiling water. Reduce heat. Simmer 50-60 minutes until the thickest part of octopus is fork tender. Rinse immediately under cold water. Wipe away outer slimy tissue from tentacles. Slice as needed. In a mixing bowl; toss cucumbers in 2 TB salt; allow to sit 15-20 minutes. In a seperate mixing bowl combine sauce ingredients. Set aside. Rinse cucumber well removing access liquid. Transfer into a mixing bowl. Toss cucumber with tako, ogo, onions, inamona and sauce mixture.Taste for seasoning, adding additional soy sauce, inamona or kim chee paste as desired. Serve immediately or refrigerate.Serves 4-6.